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I am one of the people wo can’t leave flyers lying around, I have to lift them, inspect them. Maybe I could find something interesting.
Like this weekend. I was at the exhibition in the Gängeviertel, here in Hamburg. (If you can make, you should visit the Gängeviertel and get impressed by art, music, architecture and much more.)

I saw a flyer which said: “All you can read”. A flyer of the magazine club “Gute Seiten“. For all you magazine lovers out there, this is something great. The idea behind the club is that you tell the club your interests, like architecture, design, music, fashion, photography. Then you tell them a little about yourself and then they will choose the magazine(s) you will receive every month. Either you get one magazine per month, and keep the magazine for one month (or longer), and when you send it back, you´ll get the next one (but not more than one per month). Or you can order the “All you can read”-subsctribtion. Then you’ll get a magazine flatrate, you can keep it as long as you want, and when you send it back, you´ll get the next magazine immediately.

Guteseiten2The collection is impressive. Magazines you can’t get at the kiosk, for example student thesis or independent magazines.

Their Manifesto:

“Do you want a new party? A revolution? A putsch?”
– “A magazine!” Dave Eggers

1. We are crazy about magazines. We love to touch them, to rumple them, to smell them, to take them with us, to throw them away or to keep them in our bookshelfs.

2. We call our conspirative network Holzmedienklub (”Wood Media Club”) because this pejorative term is often used by the web generation to show how antiquated print media is. But come on, real life is offline: Take a magazine and get out!

3. The problem is not the print media, the problem is the manipulative, corrupt and dumb mainstream media industry. The lack of ideas of the global publishing houses is frightening – since years nothing really creative has been produced

4. We believe that the only innovative and revolutionary spirit in new magazines is coming from the underground – from fanzines and independent magazines in very small edition. Made by people with passion, and not by bureaucrats, analysts and all the other media whores.

5. There are still reams of inspiring, creative and fascinating magazines out there. But you won’t find them at your local newspaper kiosk. Perhaps you’re lucky and have a well equipped bookstore near you. But mostly you have no chance to find these magazines. The aim of our curated kiosk is to promote, distribute, award, exhibit and finance these magazines.”

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Gute Seiten – curated kiosk & magazine club