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In my opinion when it comes to Design, DesignNotes is one of the most important weblogs in the whole wide web. The man behind the blog is Michael Surtees, a Canadian designer, writer and educator, who currently lives in New York. Not only the topics are well chosen and always uptodate but also his view on design impresses me.

“Michael tries to see life filtered through design, as opposed to placing design on a pedestal. Every once in a while, food and music slip on into the discussion. When not writing about design, Michael is the Design Director of Daylife.”

But one of the most brilliant ideas is the way he visualizes the links every week in his so called Link Drop. In weblogs usually links are just listed very rationally one after the other with a short description. Not Michael Surtees, with the help of a little mindmap, he visualizes the connections within the links. Then he describes the weeks topics. And then he reports about every single link.

I like mindmaps very much. That’s also the reason why I builded a little DIY-whiteboard for my room. The best way for expressing ideas and advancing these ideas is getting them on paper/on the board. Doodling creates new creative outpours. You are able to see gaps/problems and on the other hand you can leave the doodling the way it is for a while and get back to it later (with hope that the idea is still great).

Bild 1You should also take a look at Michael Surtees personal website as well. It is very minimalistic. I like the visualization of the web2.0 services and how they are connected.

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Link Drops by DesignNotes