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Waterlife is the a documentary about the last vast supply of fresh water on Earth, the Great Lakes in North America. The film is directed by Kevin McMahon and co-produced by Primitive Entertainment and the National Film Board of Canada.

“The film’s goal is to take viewers on a tour of an incredibly beautiful ecosystem that is facing complex challenges. Beyond that, our hope is that Waterlife will bring viewers a visceral understanding of the element that is so integral to all of our lives.”

Of course the idea of the movie itself is great but furthermore Jam3 were asked to create the website for the documentary. And the have taken all the major content and themes from the documentary and by utilizing Flash, Papervision and a truly amazing soundtrack (e.g. Brian Eno, Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros) they have created an online experience which tells the story of the extreme state of distress that the Great Lakes are in (more information here). You should enjoy the website yourself. It’s truely a creative way to bring a serious topic to people by fascinating them in different ways.

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