Yur.Beat Capsule Speaker G2

P8121086Tomorrow is thursday, August 13th 2009, first day of this years Haldern Pop Festival. And in order to listen to some music while sitting next to the tent, drinking a beer, I was looking for some portable speakers yesterday. And I found a great solution. The Yur.Beat Capsule Speaker G2 just got me. In Germany they have been awarded with the reddot design award (just like the iPod touch):

“The plain construction of the dome-shaped X-Mini capsule speaker signals comfort in daily use. The functional design of the portable stereo speakers is aesthetic and innovative. When operating the speaker, the user separates the two halves held together by magnets. Then he slightly rotates each capsule while pulling it apart so as to provide additional resonance space for full-spectrum sound with powerful bass.”

You get the speakers with a little bag for transportation and the connection cables. The connection cable is actually just one with two mini-USB connections to  the speakers, one 3,5mm stereo plug for iPod and other music players, and an USB port for charging. That’s the other brilliant feature. The speakers are provided with two litihum batteries which can be recharged via the USB port. If you want to transport the speakers you can just twist them and join the two halves magnetically. The cable can be coiled via two reels.

The speakers have a surprising sound for their size. The dimensions are two times 5cm diameter x 5cm height, and the weight is less than 100gr. You can pull out the cable to 70cm between iPod and speaker 1 and 70cm between speaker 1 and speaker 2. The sound is clear and there is no roaring even at the loudest volume (86db). The two 2.8Watt speakers are magnetically shield. Expandable vacuum mimics the resonance of a subwoofer with deep bass and depth.

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Yur.Beat Capsule Speaker G2