The Big Brother State

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Well, today the great movies are popping out of the net one after the other. But Daniel Scharf’s video is not only designed brilliantly and realized in a creative and inspiring way but also very educational.
The Big Brother State” deals with the topic that politicians claim to be protection of our freedom but what we refer to as repressive legislation.

“Since terrorism has become a global threat, especially after 9/11, governments all over the world have started enforcing laws which, so the governments say, should increase national security.
These laws obviously aim at another goal: the states gaining more and more control of their citizens at the cost of our privacy and freedom.”

The movie is out in the web for for 8 months now but has only been watched about 2,000 times so far. That surprises me a lot. The topic is right now, after the German Internet Censorship and 3 weeks before the German parliamentary elections for the Bundestag, more than relevant.

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The Big Brother State