Urban Gridded Notebook


I really like it when you are stumbling through the net and find different interesting things. One after the other but each of it is amazing.

Ok, I start at the end of my digital journey:

I found a notebook, which is really different to every other notebook I’ve seen before. The Urban Gridded Notebook by Walking Things consists of your own creativity. It offers 127 maps of cities from around the world. But they look just like blue prints.
The slogan is: “The modern city is controlled by the grid. We should not let the grid control our creativity…”

So, feel free to create your own atlas, BE CREATIVE!

BerlinThe map on the left images the grid of Berlin.

“Great for urbanists, architects, designers, artists, … everyone who enjoys urban areas. Each city pattern is completely different from the next. Begin to realize the possibilites of cities while taking notes; redraw parts of a city unconsciously; or map your travel in a city… The possibilities are open to create anything with the modern city grid.”

I like the idea very much. You can take notes, mark important places, or convert the map into a piece of art. Rediscover your own city or the city you are visiting.

181-ugnb-milchmaedchenpages: 256 with 127 city grids from all over the world, with city-index.
product material: top-notch paper
product size: 13 x 21 cm / 5.12” x 8.28”
product weight: 0,310 kg
idea: John Briscella
designed by: Walking-Chair Design Studio & John Briscella © 2009
origin: Don’t be surprised! This notebook was entirely produced in the European Union

I found the Urban Gridded Notebook at the Blickfang Furniture Scout. “Blickfang Furniture Scout serves as a databank and contact page.”

And I stumbled upon the Blickfang Furnitre Scout via the Blickfang Homepage.

“Innovative design, intriguing forms and unusual ideas. Talk directly to the designers and learn more about the creation and the characteristics of each product’s design. Discover your favourite object and take a small piece of Blickfang back home.”


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Urban Gridded Notebook