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When it comes to creativity the London based director Alex Turvey is a guy I totally admire. He is not just a director but also a designer and illustrator. His works are spreading creativity right down to the last detail. Take a look at his blog.

You may know his works, for expample in the Ford Ka commercial. Or the video of Bright Eyes – Lime Tree.

What I really like about his work is the combination of material and ways of diplaying. He basically uses everything: Illustration, Crafting, Sewing and Stitching, Paint, Tinkering. Everything is different but you can still see his style: fantasy is sure one main aspect.
He describes his own style as: “surreal folk horror with sequins”

Take a look at file magazine, they made a very interesting interview with Alex Turvey.

This is the description you can find on several websites:

“Recently gaining recongnition as one of 15 creatives who will define the future of arts in Britain by the Independent. Alex Turvey is a director, designer and illustrator with an eclectic oeuvre of projects ranging from music videos to illustrated charity cereal boxes. Having grown up by the sea in Cornwall, he now lives by the river in London where he started his career at Precursor, then co-founded the Norway-UK partnership Elefant Art and now runs his own eponymous studio. Alex likes nothing better than textural landscapes, anatomical drawings and glitter; and his surreal visions have been applied to work for the likes of Dazed & Confused, Polydor Records, Ford, MTV, Topshop, Budweiser and Nike. Alex has also recently gained recongnition as a top young creative entrepreneur by Dazed, aswell as being highlighted as a leading new director by Boards and Shots, And was recentley invited to be a jury member for the prestigious D&AD awards.

His work remind me a bit of HORT and their fabulous creativty.

One of my favourites is the video for Lilly Wood & The Prick – Down The Drain:

Another great example is the video for Cheatas – Warrior:

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Alex Turvey