I ♥ Blogs #2


Ok, most of you know where the project “Ein Herz für Blogs” (translated by me: I ♥ Blogs) comes from. Mr Stylespion, Kai Müller, initiated: “Ein Herz für Blogs” about 6 months ago. Back then I participated and a few days back, he called for the second part: “Ein Herz für Blogs #2“.

But this time I will make something different. I will introduce you to some smaller, more unknown blogs (that doesn’t count for every blog). This time all the blogs are German. I will soon introduce you to some more unknown foreign blogs. And the ones I am always in contact with and who represent my web2.0 will be named in few days in a very special blog post! So, here we go:


The first blog, I would like to present is “Reden ist Silber, Schreiben ist Blei“, the weblog of Martin Z. Schröder, a printer from Berlin. He writes about his actions in the atelier, printing like Gutenberg about 500 years ago. A passion about typography, layout and design. But not the modern way with photoshop and special effects, it’s handicraft, art handicraft.


Stadt in Zahlen” is the diploma thesis of Antje Julius. On the weblog she presents infographics and statistics about the German city Cologne. But the way she visualises more or less boring numbers is remarkable.


Manfred Gerlach, a docent for Communication Design of the Design Factory International in Hamburg, reports about useful links, chosen project documentations, book reviews, Best-of-DFI-Projects and much more. Basically “Blog-Satz” concentrates on information and impressions with the topics design, illustration, typography and layout. Just take a look at the links in the sidebar, incredible inspirations.


Maybe you know “Studio5555” of Philipp Thom already, great. But if not, you should better start following it. He reports about “works with highend Laser, Design, Applications, Photography, Typography and much more…”.


And of course there has to be at least one blog about music. “Munitionen” is the project of Marco Fuchs and several other authors. Everybody is more or less a professional journalist. And you recognize it when you read the cd reviews, reports, opinions, and all the other information about music. You can find interesting stuff there.

Alright, I hope these five blogs will fascinate you like they fascinated me and they will find a place in your feed reader. They are all worth it.


  • Malte

    Oh mist – Studio5555 von Philipp hab ich voll vergessen – aaaarrgg! Ansonsten überrascht du mich mal wieder sehr positiv mit jeder Menge neuer Munition für meinen RSS-Reader :-) Danke dafür und viele Grüße an die Waterkant mien Jung.

    P.s. Englisch wird überbewertet :-)

  • Philipp

    Stadt in Zahlen ist großartig. Ich liebe Infografiken und suche schon ganz verzweifelt seit einer halben Ewigkeit nach einem simpln Programm dafür.

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I ♥ Blogs #2