Kings of Convenience live in Hamburg

by rodrigoferrari

Since the very first moment I read about the new album “Decleration of Dependence” of Kings and Convenience over at Stylespion, I was certain that they would come on tour. And as soon I knew the dates, I ordered tickets. It was a good choice, the show at Kampnagel in Hamburg was sold out pretty early.

On saturday I was prepared for a relaxing evening with a concert of a band I was really happy to see. I am listening to Kings of Convenience since their first album “Quiet Is The New Loud” but I never made it to a concert. And I neither made it to a show of The Whitest Boy Alive, the other project of Erlend Øye.

Kai of Stylespion told me that the shows are great. And on Friday he reported via Twitter that the show in Dortmund had no suprises but was great.
In Hamburg it was somehow different, the show with many ups and no downs was fulfilled with some special moments and a very happy surprise at the end. I think the location Kampnagel supported the show with a great acoustic and brilliant sound.

There was already a highlight even before the show started. Of course the romantic sound of two pleasant voices, two acoustic guitars, a violin and a contrabass invited many couples. And one couple was in the center of attention, a boy apparently surprised his girlfriend with the concert. But she didn’t know what was coming. Until the first few accords of the show she was blindfolded and guided through the crowd by her boyfriend. All the people close to this couple observed the reaction of the girl when she found out that she was at a concert of Kings of Convenience. Of course she was overwhelmed.

Erlend Øye, Eirik Glambæk Bøe, and the two supporters, Tobias Hett on the violin and Davide Bertolini on the contrabass played a very nice mixture of the three albums. Of course there were highlights like “Homesick”, “I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From”, “Stay Out Of Trouble” or “Boat Behind”. I don’t know if it was a joke that they had no setlist, it looked like it, but there was nothing bad about it. In fact it was funny and entertaining, like many parts of the show. I was happy that they made two additions, Erlend Øye took advantage the first addition to play a little solo. But it was not a Kings of Convenience song that he performed, it was Abba’s “The Winner Takes it All”. I am very happy to be able to show you a video of it. Marc of Testspiel posted it this morning.

There was another special. Erlend Øye told us during the last songs that they suprisingly organized an aftershow party with Kampnagel, where he would play some songs from his laptop.
But before that, there was the second addition and the very last song of the show. “I’d rather dance with you” was apparently performed to bring us in “party-mood”. Erlend Øye decided to sing the song within the crowd and invited us to shake a leg. The back of the concerthall was filled with a tribune but the invitation of Erlend has resulted in that nearly anybody wanted to sit anymore and wanted to get up and celebrate. A great final of the show.

The aftershow party was very entertaining, too. On the one hand there was once again Erlend Øye who played songs with no specific genre, mood or anything, He just played one song after the other. On the other side there were the people, who whistled and clapped after every single song. To me it seemed a bit odd. But thanks to Erlend, I heard the song “I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar” of Jonathan Richman. The song got me and at home I watched the following video on youtube and understood right away why Erlend Øye played that song. This guy Jonathan Richman seems to be very similar to him. If you don’t believe me, watch the followng clip.

So, I just can thank Tobias Hett, Davide Bertolini, Eirik Glambæk Bøe and of course Erlend Øye for this great entertaining evening at Kampnagel. It was definitely not my last show of Kings of Convenience, but right now I am really looking forward to see a show of Whitest Boy Alive. Thanks to Austin Town Hall, who shot the picture of Erlend Øye. I think it’s a great portrait of this genius music nerd.


Addition: If you want to see some great photos of the show, take a look at Mainstage. (once again found via Testspiel)

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Kings of Convenience live in Hamburg