Songs That Make Your Heart Stop Beating


Have you ever had this feeling, when you are at a concert, a certain song is coming up and the rest of the world is stopping right then? This feeling that anything else is irrelevant. The noises all around you become silent, time stops and it even feels as if your heart stops beating. It’s just you, the band and the song. Goose bumps is the constant side effect for three or four minutes.

I’m sure you have had this feeling! If not, I feel pity for you. Either you have been to the wrong concerts or you can’t get lost into music like me. But I am sure that most of you at least once had that experience.

But the good thing is that even when the concert is over and you hear the same song a while later you get that feeling again. A smile is coming into your face and you are wondering why you get in such a happy mood. Then you remember the concert, the song. And BAMM, the goose bumps are back. Today I was sitting in the bus and was listening to exactly that kind of song. I was smiling the whole trip back home from work. Happy about anything, just because I made this experience at the concert. And even if the band, that played that kind of song would become mass murderers that still won’t change that feeling (ok, that would be a bit tough, but I think you get the point!). Songs that make your heart stop beating.

There are several songs of that type for me and I want to share some of them with you. And please tell me the songs, bands, shows that gave you THAT feeling?

1. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
It was my first concert ever. 1993 in Düsseldorf. That event influenced me for my life.

2. The Killers – All The Things That I’ve Done
I saw The Killers twice, once in New York and in Frankfurt. Sadly the music got worse with every album.

3. Kings Of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You
The latest concert I’ve been to. Incredible show.

4. The Streets – The Escapist
Mike Skinner is a great entertainer and knows how to run the crowd.

5. Bon Iver – Skinny Love
I saw Bon Iver at this year’s Haldern Pop Festival. Amazing how this band can cause goose bumps in series.

6. Blackbox Revelation – Never Alone / Always Together
I saw the show in Hamburg earlier this year. Jan Paternoster was pretty drunk but made a great show anyways.

7. Johnossi – Execution Song
Well, I saw Johnossi three times so far and I am always impressed by the power of the band. They slam one song after the other, impressive!

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Songs That Make Your Heart Stop Beating