When it comes to inspiration, irie is currently one source contributer I like most.

“websites, ideas that hold water and images that last.” is their motto. Within the blog you find a picture of a website, microsite or a campaign, a short sentence about the object, different tags, the colors the object consists of, and a valuation system of five hearts. Sounds simple and is simple. What else do you need?

“irie is showcasing Web Design that stand out in all aspects and that can work out as an inspirational resource for creatives all around the world. The goal of irie is to create the very best and intense collection of design quality in Web Design and at the same time giving interactive designers a platform to search, order and rate the latest trends and efforts.”

It is simillar to my beloved inspiration source notcot.

And I needed to stumble upon this belgian blog to find the great visualisation/animation “20 Jahre Mauerfall in Berlin“, made for Berliner Morgenpost, a German newspaper. Realised was the project by Einhorn Solutions, a small agency for “Editorial Design Print & Online”. Einhorn was also responsible for the new design concept of Freitag, another German newspaper.

BerlinWallI am really impressed by the visualisation/animation “20 Jahre Mauerfall in Berlin“. There are four main apsects: a virtual tour along the Berlin Wall, a chronological report about important events, an infographic about background from the construction to the fall of the Berlin Wall and interviews with contemporary witnesses. I like the interface, the navigation and the way you learn about the phenomenon “Berlin Wall”.

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  • Nicholas Clarke

    Hi Roitsch,

    I’m a (an old) first year design student at the University of the Sunshine Coast . I’m doing an assignment for which I needed some images such as appropriated, manipulated, iconic, stereotypical etc. They all had to be linked with a common theme. I chose Germany and did some searches. When I searched for an infographic, your site with the 2009 Morgenpost link about the Berlin wall came up. It’s a great link and a great site.

    What I wanted to say is that your site is a fantastic site for designers with so many ideas! Thank you for setting it up. I’ll tell the other students about it and I’ll follow you. Fantastic. Well done!

    Oh, here’s another interesting infographic



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