ODOS Architects

Well, when you see the front of the house on Carysfort Road in Dublin, Ireland, you can’t see exactly the features which are lying behind these walls.

ODOS Architects designed a jewel of reduction and clarity and refurbished an old mid-terrace house into a contemporary live/work space. In my opinion this is a brilliant project. I am overwhelmed by the white and grey interior. 65 square meters of pure beauty. Open spaces, hiding features (the kitchen counter, built-in cupboards), clean and straight areas, and bright rooms. Even the olive tree in the “garden” looks great. (by the way, an olive tree is also the only plant I own!)

Take a look at The Architectual Review for some more impressions. (found via notcot)

“The new structure was conceived as a simple form which connects at ground level with the existing house. The tight site and strict planning constraints defined the form of the new extension from an early stage.In order to stop the new addition being visible above the roof line of the house, the new extension is partially sunken. The ground floor rear elevation is completely open to provide a full height glazed connection to the courtyard. Above this new living space is an office mezzanine with a glazed south-facing wall, providing clerestory lighting to the ground floor.Black terrazzo flooring has been used throughout, which contrasts with the white walls and ceilings.” (via The Architectual Review)

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ODOS Architects