The DuckDuck Collective


From now on, I have a new inspirational source for my visual expressions. The DuckDuck Collective is a very inspiring group of three persons: John Carl, Ally Powell, and Matt Addington.
I just started to shoot and develop my own analoge photos. And the DuckDuck Collective show me something I would like to achieve, simillar to Eike K├Ânig.


“DuckDuck is a collective of creatives based out of Lynchburg, VA. We exist to take clients, from the inception of an idea to the execution, through the creative process with expertise and originality. We offer visual representations of people, ideas and products across a variety of mediums: photography, film, motion graphics, web design, print design, and audio production.”


I like their possitive attitute, their dreamy photos and videos. All in all a great collection of magical inspiring visuals. And they have an amazing project, “Go Forth”, together with Levi Strauss:

“We went on a road trip for 30 days to 30 cities filming stories of people around America. This film is a compilation and summation of that journey.”

Really, I love it! I got goose bumps for 17 minutes. I found the DuckDuck Collective via notcot.


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The DuckDuck Collective