The Shelter – a creative workspace in Dubai

Ok, I have to stay calm while writing this post. But on the other side I could start packing my things and move to Al Qouz, Dubai! Why?

Because of The Shelter. The Shelter is everything every (average) creative is looking for – a collaborative workspace. The idea is not new and there are several ideas in Germany as well, for example the Betahaus in Berlin. But all this is nothing simillar to The Shelter.

The idea:
“The Shelter is a first of its kind community workspace that allows individuals from various creative disciplines to engage in an environment that nurtures entrepreneurial small businesses. The Shelter is a medium for forward thinkers, creatives and intellectuals to connect and exchange ideas; converting those interactions into commercial services and products through subsidized work spaces.

It is funded in part by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.
I wasn’t able to find better words to describe it, so I quote core77, where I found it:
“These guys have thought of almost everything. In addition to ergonomic, flexible workspaces (with provided secretarial services), the facilities include a cinema/auditorium for lectures and screenings, a library housing over a thousand books on cultural and creative topics (including up to date reference texts), a small shop offering tools of the trade as well as design objects, a brasserie offering affordable and healthful fare, and a garden, for much needed breaks from work.”

But the best thing is about to come. Dubai – one of the richest places in the world and you may think that a membership would never be affordable but the truth is every single German student could afford The Shelter. It costs 2850 UAE-Dirham which are 518, 60 Euro, but not per month, per year, which are 43,22 Euro per month!!!

Get some more impressions at Yatzer, Unequal-Design, Art Dubai Journal, and at Stylespion (addition 23.11.09).

I would like to open the same in Germany. Is there someone who would like to support me? PLEASE!?


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The Shelter – a creative workspace in Dubai