Annie Beedy and James Mercer’s dreams


Annie Beedy is a freelance photographer from California.

And I really like her works. Espacially her portraits and photos of special moments. I start dreaming when I see her photos and imagine the stories behind them. That’s what I would like to cause with my photos.


Annie loves photographing weddings: “I’m happy to do some formal/traditional shots but my heart is in the moment and photographing the warmth and spirit of the day. I want my clients to look back over their wedding pictures and to be flooded with a rush of memories. A bunch of stodgy posed pictures won’t do that!”

And these are pictures I would like to have of my own wedding. Dreamy, magical shots of the moment.




Please take a look at her photoblog and flickr stream. Take yourself on a journey in someone else’s life. I was stunned by her photos of people.


And then I got goose bumps, Annie had photos of James Mercer, frontman of The Shins, in her blog. An incredible collection but the best part is, she talked with him about dreams and recorded some of his anwsers. James Mercer is one of my most favourite musicians.

“I have been chatting with people about their dreams and asking them to share one or two that stand out, for whatever reason, in the overall scope of their personal dream land.
Recently, James Mercer of The Shins and I hung out and talked about dreams while I snapped some pics.  He was a sport, grabbing random things as props and creating different characters with them but he also spent plenty of time just being himself – an earnest, intelligent and funny guy. We had a good time and he told me this doozy of a dream.”


All the photos are under Annie Beedy’s copyright, I asked for permission to use them. Be sure to make the same, if you want to use them.

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Annie Beedy and James Mercer’s dreams