Broken Bells’ first single

What will happen if you combine James Mercer of The Shins and Brian Joseph Burton, the man behind DJ Danger Mouse and Gnarls Barkley?

Broken Bells is the answer. The new project of these two outstanding musicians. Why am I so excited about this? Hmm…maybe because The Shins is my most favourite band, James Mercer is incredible entertaining and funny. And on the other side there is Brian Burton (great producer as well) who made one of the best remix albums ever produced: The Grey Album, a combination of The Beatles’ White Album and Jay-Z’s Black Album. And the song “Crazy” of Gnarls Barkley was just voted by the Rolling Stone Magazine to be the best song of the decade.

And today the first single was released: The High Road.
After a viral campagne, the first song was finally published. And I like it! It’s some kind of psychadelic bluesy singer song writer style (I know it’s hard to define). But it’s different and I don’t like it just because these two guys stand behind it. I can’t wait for the other 9 songs of the Album, which is supposed to be released on March 9th, 2010. And the tour! Yes, the homepage says there will be a tour, great!

The video of the first single will come out tomorrow (Dez. 22nd) and then I will embed it here. So stay tuned and go the Broken Bells website to get the first song.

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Broken Bells’ first single