I could have never imagined that I would write a blog post about an iPhone App. But AirPhones improved my life, like the invention of…I don’t know… love, food or the internet. It makes my life better, easier.

What is AirPhones?
AirPhones is an iPhone App that lets you send your music (or any other sound) from your computer (Mac or PC) to your iPhone or iPod Touch (iTunes link) via WiFi. So basically it does the same like an AirPort Express. But it’s better than an AirPort Express when it comes to sound. Like I said above it sends any kind of sound. (Of course you can’t add a printer to your iPhone like to an Airport Express, but who cares? Are you still printing things? Killing trees?)

As soon as I found AirPhones I installed it on my iPhone and my Macbook and tested it. And I must say it is AWESOME! No delay. Perfect sound within the area where you got connection to your WiFi. And the best: it just costs € 2.39. Totally worth it.

But if you are not sure about investing € 2.39 to improve your life, test the AirPhones Lite version first and then you will purchase it anyways. I can’t say what the Lite version can’t do, I just tried the Pro one, also to support the creator Chris Meyer and smashart.

Still not convinced? Watch the demo to see how awesome AirPhones is:

And if you may ask yourself: Yes, I connected my iPhone to the amazing valve radio. My old room mate solded an audio jack to the valve radio. It is the best sound in the world, ever! Sometimes it sounds like a record player, with dirty raspy sound. I love it.

Please tell me, if you use the app and tell me how it is. Or if you would not use it, why?

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  • Ben

    Mhm. Ich mach das ja eher umgekehrt, nutze “Remote” um per iPhone den Mac zu steuern. Das jetzt andersrum zu machen, hab ich noch nicht so wirklich gebraucht, als dass ich die 2,39 Euro investieren würde.

  • roitsch

    1. kann man so ja nur iTunes steuern, was ich ebenfalls tue.
    2. da ich eine Anlage in der Küche habe und ungern beim Kochen mein Mac mit in die Küche nehme, mache ich Musik in meinem Zimmer an und zack habe sie auch in der Küche. Auch Musik, die ich nicht auf meinem iPhone habe, z.B. irgendwelche Streams oder so.
    3. Nutze ich es, während ich arbeite und brauche dann kein Kabel quer durchs Zimmer legen, es ist aufgeräumter … schöner … besser … unproblematischer.
    4. Muss man ja sein iPhone eh mind. 2 mal am Tag laden, also ab in die Dockingstation und dann hat man direkt Musik-WiFi.

  • Alex

    I found two alternatives. The one is Airfoil on the mac with Airfoil Speakers Touch on the iphone ( It’s more expensive (you have to pay for the mac app), but a little bit more versatile, because you can stream to airport expresses on the same time. It also streams any system audio.
    The other one is Streamtome (, which is also able to play video files and show them on a screen, when connected with a cable, and you can select what to play on the iphone itself. It probably doesn’t stream any system sound, but lets you choose what you want to play on the iphone itself, instead of having to walk to your computer.

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