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A good friend of mine, Guido Zimmermann (communication designer from Düsseldorf) is part of the collective “Anonyme Gestalter” (=anonymous designer). The collective Anonyme Gestalter has a brilliant attitude: changing your environment the way you want it. 13 designers from different origins. And they all got the same goals.

Unification, gentrification, planned individualisation are the enemies they are fighting against. Their victims are street lights, traffic lights, furniture, mail boxes, tooth brushes, cameras, or even the streets themselves.

The unrated, living way of design is a possible movement against the unified and mainstream. And everybody can contribute. The way of design is functional, demand-orientated, and sustainable. Sometimes it’s a result of pleasure and sometimes of necessity. Often it’s unconcious and undiscovered. And it’s not about success or wealth, it’s about the quality of living. It’s about putting your identity into your environment. “Design your environment and you will be part of it!”

Take a look at their ten thesis. Your will find some great ideas.

This collective will be part of the Designers Fair, which is currently taking place in Cologne and is part of the Passagen 2010, the Interiour Design Week in Cologne. The Anonyme Gestalter will show an exhibition about ideas that visualize exactly their attitude. Ideas from average persons, designs which were necessary but brilliant at the same time. Like coathanger which were used as antennas or cement bricks used as pencil stands. And yellow lines will guide your through the exhibition.

Addition: Guido told mere there is an interesting report about the Designers Fair at the regional tv station WDR. Espacially at minute 13:40 about Anonyme Gestalten. (Unfortunately I can’t embed it here)

Of course you could criticize the website or anything but that is the point: the function is more important than the way it looks. You may know that designers are quite busy and need time to develop something. And the collective is in development and in my opinion they are on the right track.

Take a look your yourself:

January 18th-24th 2010
RheinTriadem am Hauptbahnhof
Konrad Adenauer Ufer 3 am Rhein
50668 Köln

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Anonyme Gestalter