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Recently I wrote about creating someting, doing your own thing (and sharing it!), getting more connection to others, and Humble Pied is a project that gets it all.

The idea is as easy as brilliant. Mig Reyes, Designer from Chicago, asks people with creative backgrounds (mostly designers) via iChat to present themselves and to answer one question:

“What advice would you give a future designer, someone who is looking for a creative career?”

Or in his own words:

“it follows a simple formula: one inspiring creative type sharing one bit of advice”.

He records it and presents it on his website. Easy as 1,2,3 but brilliant as e=mc².

It all started as a crowd-sourced AIGA student presentation and I hope it gets bigger and bigger and people from all over the world will contribute! Because by now some great advices were given to Mig. For example: “Anyone can use tools, so be a good thinker.” or just “Get a life.” Awesome!

So, jump over to Humble Pied and take a look at some advices.

I found Humble Pied at swissmiss.

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  • Malte

    Großartige Idee das so umzusetzen – Das ist schon echt interessant die Meinungen und die Charaktere dahinter wahrzunehmen.

  • Markus Reuter

    Was ich auch an der Sache mag, mit wieviel Minimalismus das ganze betrieben wird. Er reduziert es auf das Wesentliche, kurze Vorstellung, der Tipp und sagt aber auch woher er sie kennt, das macht es sympathisch. In den einzelnen Posts wird ebenfalls nochmals der/die Interviewte(n) vorgestellt, ein Link zu der Website und Twitter-Account. Fertig, genial.

  • Mig Reyes

    Thanks again, Markus. It’s definitely been a pleasure, honor and challenge in creating Humble Pied. Learning WordPress in a short weekend was a thrill, it serves as the CMS for the site. I didn’t know how to develop with it until I started the project. You really touch on some key points, thank you.

    • I wanted to curate the best of the best, the people that inspired me in my life.
    • I wanted to shameless plug and promote these contributors, because I think they’re great.
    • I wanted to inspire others.

    It’s been coming together nicely, so glad to have support! Keep on being awesome.

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Humble Pied