Keith Schofield

Saturday evening, I was sitting with Alex infront of the computer and we were watching the fascinating video Heaven Can Wait of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck. Then we looked for the person who was responsable for the brilliant eye candy. His name is Keith Schofield.

This guy is stunning. Quit likely you know most of his works. But the point is that all these music videos below are from one man. Keith Schofield, American director of music videos and television commercials based in Los Angeles. He was also responsable for the viral spot of Diesel “SFW XXX”.

Not only that all the videos are great, also the selection of musicians is pretty good. Supergrass, The Notwist, Goose, Death Cab For Cutie, CSS, Justice, Dizzee Rascal and and.. Take a look at his collection.

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Keith Schofield