Man’s best friend

It’s not all about products, money, iPhone apps, career, design, or any thing. Thank god there are more things than that. This one is about lost. A lost of a friend. Not my friend. A special friend to Jason Wood. Called Oden. And I can assure you, I can imagine what he felt.

Tough video but brilliant. Directed/Edited: Eliot Rausch. Director of Photography: Luke Korver, Matt Taylor. Song: Big Red Machine / Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner.
Thanks to @hundertmark, who tweeted about this.

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  • Malte

    Drei mal angefangen zu schreiben – immer wieder gelöscht – liegt wohl daran, dass ein solcher Tag zu einem meiner übelsten bisher gehört hat. Der Verlust wiegt erstmal schwer, doch ich im Nachhinein überwiegt die Freude über die schöne Zeit, die man mit seinen »HundeHomies« hatte …

  • Patrick

    zu diesem wunderbaren film fällt mir ein satz ein, den ich mal gehört habe:
    “there’s beauty in the purity of sadness.” das bringt es auf den punkt.

    wir haben auch einen hund und ich will gar nicht dran denken,
    dass es irgendwann einmal soweit ist…

  • rafal

    yeah …,he loved his dog so much, so he took camera with him to show it on youtube or whatever, they agreed to KILL HIM because he lost one leg ? well dog has 3 more …… if someone loose one leg or both legs noone thinks about killing that guy, and here …. just for making a little more money they put a movie like that on internet. fukc you man who made this “document”

  • Markus Reuter

    @rafal: Oh man, you really didn’t get it. The dog had cancer and mostly dogs are put to sleep to ease the pain. I think you know that science is not that far with a cure against cancer, do you?
    And he made the video to share!!! To share his feelings, and espacially to share his loss. And I am very thankfull for that because many people felt the same (like you can see in the other comments).

    Sorry, but you didn’t get the point at all. And nobody asked you to watch the film and you don’t have to look at it again. I will and I sure will share some tears with Jason Wood!

  • Markus Reuter

    I don’t know if you can understand english but did you listen what the man says? Jason Wood took care of his dog and he truely loved him, you can say that!
    I don’t wanna start a discussion here about weither it’s good to ease the pain and help a dog to rest in piece or not. My opinion is yes and that’s it.

  • m

    @rafal, if you cant listen then open vimeo and read that “Oden’s struggle with cancer finally came to an end. “. Cant you really treat that as a tribute to Oden?!

  • j

    Dogs (and all other animals) are much better friends than most of humans… it’s sad but true. i’m with You, man! I hope that Oden is happy now, in Great Animal Heaven :) I’m giving salute to Oden!

  • Tomek

    I know how it feels, my dog died of cancer 10 yrs ago … no more suffering no more pain. He loved us and we loved him
    Since then I was not able to get another one…

    My brother’s dog, ended his suffering ( spinal problems, and paralysis in consequence), a week ago. After having great 10yrs life in loving family. Everybody cried… but t was a relief for him.

    I bet , that people who say “it was just a dog” probably never had the dog or are just selfish creatures, too simple to understand it.

    This video is tough indeed, :(

  • Benjamin Weigl

    Ah so was ist doch scheisse :-(
    Einer unserer Hunde wurde auch eingeschläfert, das ist grausam … man sieht gezielt einen Freund sterben. Das ist das Maximum an Schmerz was mit Verlust erreichbar ist. Da schau ich mir lieber Filme über Produkte, iPhone Apps und Co. an …
    Nicht mein Fall :-/

  • dog lover

    u gave him your final gift-the courage, love & wisdom to not continue his suffering! And you stayed w/ him. You fulfilled the last commandment on the Ten comm. for pets-know when I no longer find joy in life, and stay w/ me. Sorry, I can’t find it to post for you.

    I once let a dog w/ heart failure suffer 6 mths. too long. Years later, when my senior Bichon became ill & began to suffer, I redeemed myself for this mistake.
    He was a lucky dog!

  • Kyllan Tower

    I watched this awhile back shortly after my dog was diagnosed with cancer in her tongue. The mass was too large to remember and I struggled with when the cancer may be too painful for her. The doctors gave her only a couple months before her condition would deteriorate to the point that the pain would be too great. she lived almost a year before developing bone cancer in her leg. once it because too much for her to stand I knew she was in too much pain to go on and it was her time to go. I remember seeing this documentary and struggling to watch it knowing that it would be my dog one day. This Memorial day is the day I will never forget as I laid her to rest. She was the best dog I’ve ever know and I’ll never forget her.

    This documentary was beautifully shot and I only wish I could have had something this this to remember her by.

    RIP Yawni 1/2003-6/28/2011

  • Anisul

    I am more a cat lover, but I would only feel the same as Jason towards Oden. You can see the love he had for him and it is sad to see him go. I did cry, this is just too emotional.

  • Blaine

    That video is without a doubt one of the most powerful videos I have seen to date. It’s sad that people do not understand the love that he had to have in order to let his dog go like that. What he did was one of the most selfless acts any human being could do. Since finding his videos, Jason has become one of my most inspirational people. May Oden rest in peace.

  • Seb

    Jason I had identical situation and felt the same.

    My dog had a cancer. This day I drove back home extremely fast to see him alive. Seeing me he had stood up (he rather didn’t leave his bed lastly) and came to me. I was very surprised. I was petting him. I wished this moment last forever. But after just a while vet came. I didn’t know what to do. I behaved histerically. My family was trying to becalm me.
    During injection I was petting him and crying. The next day was Christmas. I felt fatally.

    It is just over 4 years but I cry with and still blame myself …

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Man’s best friend