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That’s what I like about advertising agencies ideas companies. Sometimes they really suprise me, sometimes they think outside boxes. Rethink is such an agency, they think and deal sustainably. Not in an ecological way, but in an entrepreneurial way.

Every agency needs young, motivated and talented workforces. And Rethink has a great way to support future creatives and provide that they will make their use of them. It’s a great win-win situation.

Rethink came together with the Langara College in Vancouver to support a program called The Communication and Ideation Design. They asked applicants to submit a sketchbook. It should be as creative as possible.

“Your job is to put your most interesting ideas into that sketchbook to demonstrate what you can do. Your book should also tell us something about who you are.”

And some few tipps of Rethink:

“- Give your book an idea (or ideas) beyond your bio. If we wanted that we’d just steal your diary.
– Your application to a communication arts program should, well, communicate, artistically.
– Don’t use the entire book if there’s no reason to. Remember that a few great ideas will always beat an entire book filled with mediocre work.
– Pen and paper aren’t your only options. Sculptures, photos, interactive, it’s all fair game.
– It never hurts to show us your thinking, we like seeing how you got to what you’re presenting.”

And the chosen one will win a $18,000 scholarship for the Communication and Ideation Design program:

“The Communication and Ideation Design (CID) program is a modern educational approach to the Graphic Design, Art Direction, Advertising and creative industries. It provides a holistic interpretation of design education where each class builds upon the previous one, to expand the creative process. Particular attention is focused on ideation, which is the process of initiating, developing, and refining ideas. Ideation is an integral component to the design process.”

I really like the aspect of ideation in this program.

But that’s not all the winner will also get a 3-month internship with Rethink. So here is the win situation for Rethink. Impressive or not?

And I must admit I really like the attitude of Rethink. Go to their website and watch their video about why they’re called Rethink.

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    Schön, dass du so viel dazu schreibst. Hab das Video gestern gesteckt bekommen und wollte es posten. Aber jetzt kann ich getrost auf den Artikel hier verweisen. Da sieht man mal wieder wie ähnlich wir denken und welchen Content wir mögen :-)

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