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In my opinion Rob Chiu aka The Ronin is an amazing genius. An artistic genius. He is a motion designer & director of film and photography from London, who is currently represented by London based Stink and New York based Curious Pictures.

I was speechless when I clicked through his website and blog. Every single product, photograph or film, gets me and makes me stunning. There is so much soul in his works, so much more life than it already represents. Amazing.

Photography and Film, these are the two medias he is working with. But so differentiated, so different styles that it’s hard to believe that all works are from one man. But on the other hand you can still see his handwriting in all his works, the emotional captivation, the brilliant storytelling. I truely love it.

“He has worked under the alias of The Ronin for eight years directing motion-design projects for Leica cameras, the BBC, Channel 4, and idN, among others. His short narrative-based films have been featured in a number of film festivals including Edinburgh, OneDotZero, and Resfest.

Rob has given talks on his work at various design conferences such as Adobe Max, OFFF Barcelona, OFFF New York, OFFF Lisbon, Flash on the beach, FMX, Toca Me, and FITC Toronto, and he is regularly invited to run workshops at universities around the world.” (via curious pictures)

I wasn’t sure what work to post here because I want you to take a look at every single work of him. So be sure to take a look at his portfolio, his weblog, his vimeo account and his flickr page. And watch a very interesting interview at DigupTV.

The following film, Eulogy for Things Left Unsaid, is a personal piece of Rob Chiu, dealing with issues of regret, loss and the future. Created for the Twenty 120 project which features twenty films by twenty directors all 120 seconds duration. (watch in full screen!)

Another great project is Fear/Love:

“Three lives, three identities, three points of view. Set against the harsh backdrop of inner city London, Fear/Love interweaves the lives of three adolescents as they struggle with who they are, who they want to be and who they are becoming.”

The acctual film is supposed to come soon. I can’t wait. The three trailers let expect something great (also watch in full screen!):

And just to make sure to present something different: Black Day To Freedom.

“Created as a fictional back story to the global problem of the displacement of peoples, Black Day To Freedom portrays a city in turmoil with the loss and tragedy of a young family at the centre of the tale. Animated entirely in After Effects, the piece is both unique in appearance and powerful in impact. Character illustration by Steve Chiu, voice snippets by David Dunkley Gyimah, directed and written by Rob Chiu. Audio by Diagram of Suburban Chaos.

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  • Florian

    Wahnsinn. Mich beeindrucht, wie Rob Chiu es schafft, so dichte Atmosphären zu kreieren, vor allem auch durch den Einsatz von Licht und Farben. Außerdem regen einen die Themen seiner Filme zwangsläufig zum Nachdenken an. Gerade “Black Day To Freedom” erschüttert mich zum einen natürlich wegen der Story, aber auch die Umsetzung mit Illustrationen und die Musik tragen entscheidend dazu bei.

    Ein paar von Rob Chius Werken kannte ich schon, den Flickr-Stream werde ich jetzt auf jeden Fall einmal durchsehen.

  • alex

    ich bin einfach ein stumpfer hund.

    ne quatsch.

    ein video hatte ich schon einmal vor längerer zeit als vorlage zu einem anderen projekt gehabt. das black day freedom. das war ne inspiration für eine studienarbeit.

  • Roitsch

    Hmm..vielleicht liegt es auch daran, dass er bzw. seine Werke schon vielen Leuten bekannt ist. Hätte mich aber auch gewundert, wenn nicht.

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Rob Chiu – The Ronin