Video Premiere of Broken Bells’ The High Road

This is freaking awesome. Today is my birthday and Broken Bells present the video to their first single “The High Road”. It’s like a special present from James Mercer (greatest musician of all time), Brian Burton and me!
The song is great I knew that. But the video is awesome as well. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything else.

The video is published on TapeTV. It’s a music video platform which brings back the most important thing to the focus of attention – MUSIC. Very clean, very reduced design. And you can even create your own mixtape with videos of your choice. And big thank you to TapeTV that it all worked out, that I can embed the video here.

And here you can find an interview with the two guys at NME (also videos, but I wasn’t able to embed them). They are talking about the project, about how they met, why they started Broken Bells, espacially why James Mercer needed to do something different besides The Shins. And very interesting why the project was secret for such a long time. These two guys appear so sympathetic. Would love to meet them. And I really hope that James will continue with The Shins.

Addition: People from other countries than Germany won’t be able to see the video. TapeTV only runs in Germany so far, but will conquer other countries soon.

Attention: TapeTV told me that there were some misunderstandings with the music label of Broken Bells, Columbia / Sony Music, and the video will be published on wednesday January 28. So everybody who saw the video was lucky. It was a pre-premiere. As soon as the video is available you will find it here again!

Update: The video has now officially been published but on MySpace and not TapeTV!

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Video Premiere of Broken Bells’ The High Road