Vampire Weekend on MTV Unplugged

The album Vampire Weekend of the same called band Vampire Weekend is one my favourite albums of the last years. The album is stuffed with 11 brilliant songs.

Incredible good songs with power and back then 2008 it was a new sound to me. The special voice of Ezra Koenig and freaky sound parts within their indie new wave songs.

And recently their second album “Contra” was presented and you can still listen to the whole album at Myspace. For me so far the new album is not as good as the first one. But like I said so far, I think I need to listen to it some more. I listened to the first one about a hundred trillion thousand times (and still like it!).

Yes, and Vampire Weekend played a selection of six songs from their first (A-Punk, M79, Oxford Commaand) their second album (White Sky, Run, Cousins) on MTV Unplugged. Do you remeber MTV Unplugged, back from the days when MTV was MUSIC television? Apparently they still play some music within their daily schedule of dating shows and ring tone commercials. (By the way you should read this open letter to MTV by @pelld – in German)

So here we go, starting with one of the most pushing songs ever – A Punk. In my opionion in one league with Blur’s Song 2.

And first single of their new Album. It is called Cousins and the unplugged version really gets me.

I found it at rockahulababy.

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Vampire Weekend on MTV Unplugged