27 Songs from Barcelona

I am a huge fan of I’m from Barcelona. Their first album “Let Me Inroduce You To My Friends” is incredibly good and the second one “Who Killed Harry Houdini?” as well. But their new project is something really special. The project is called 27 Songs. Why? Because there are 27 band members and each of them contributes a solo song for the album.

Since January 27th I’m from Barcelona is publishing one song each day on their website. And you can download them for free.

Their explanation:

“While touring around the world with their two latest releases “Let Me Introduce My Friends” (2006) and “Who Killed Harry Houdini” (2008) the members of I’m from Barcelona have been working on the upcoming “27 Songs from Barcelona”. Inspired by Kiss’ simultaneous release of four solo albums in 1978, “27 Songs from Barcelona” features one solo song for every member in I’m from Barcelona.”

And still the best is about to come. They made a video which shall show how the idea came up and how it was realized. That’s great and very sympathetic. All the music in the clip is taken from “27 Songs from Barcelona”.

And I’m from Barcelona still knows how to put something on top. You can also buy the album on vinyl and since it is called 27 Songs, there is a 27 on the cover. But the 27 is formed out of two 2s. It’s a tiny detail, but these are the things I like about great projects like this. There is heart and soul in every detail.

I need to thank Nico from nicorola.de , that’s where I found the project.



The 27 songs are now complete and you can download them all here. A great and impressive collection of different kind of music.

For example this one:

And check out all the videos at the I’m from Barcelona Youtube channel.

When I downloaded the last songs I recognized that the titles were not the titles of the songs. And then I recognized the little message. I love the whole project:

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27 Songs from Barcelona