Pipelineclub – The Blow

Today I am not in the best mood. I don’t know why. Sometimes it is like this. And it has to be like this. It would make me go crazy to be always in a happy funny mood. Perfect timing to listen to some music that represent my feelings. And perfect timing that I stumbled again upon Pipelineclub and their song The Blow.

The video you see above was completely played, produced and directed by some people who went to my partner school in Düsseldorf. I always wanted to blog about this awesome video. And now the time has come!

I was very suprised when I saw the video the first time 2006, because the visual part is the perfect combination to the sound. And I like the sound! Of course you could criticize some things here and there. But just lean back, enjoy it, go out and start a fight! (Just a joke.)

Directed by Yoon-ha Chang

Produced by SCLK Film Productions

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Pipelineclub – The Blow