Getting Lost

Today is such a crazy day. I totally got lost in weblogs, portfolios, and websites for a few hours. But this time I documented the process, in order to give you some inspiration. Maybe you get infected like me.

It all started once again at notcot, where I saw a post of “Attique” about an interesting office design. Then I found the weblog “22.10 It’s all about time and place.” of Attique.

Attique, apparently from Italy, has a great taste. Videos, motorcycles, interior design, all topics I am crazy about and like to read. But the best thing is his about. This is where I found the incredible good quote you can see above. The quote is from Paul Arden’s book, It’s not how good you are, but it’s how good you want (which I ordered right away). As source Attique calls Graphic Hug.

So, I came to the second incredible inspiring page. And I have to agree without any objections:

“I have to admit I used to be guilty of hoarding ideas and findings until I started blogging. Now, it’s really rewarding sharing ideas with people and starting discussions. Do you guys agree that sharing ideas will ultimately benefit everyone?”

You know my opinion by now about sharing ideas and stuff, I think I don’t have to repeat it once again (George Bernard Shaw). But I truely love Paul Ardens quote.

But not enough Graphic Hug is also a very inspiring blog about Graphic Design. For example they wrote about the following video “Things to learn” by Christian Borstlap (great portoflio!):

So far that was just my first small trip into the inspiring world of blogs today. My second journey started through Attique’s twitter profile. I saw that he follows @minimalsites. I clicked onto their website and found Ben Martineau’s weblog “Findings“. His blog is amazing. Great design and the content is even better. For example he reported about Rich Brown, Graphic Designer and Digital Creative. He is truely a CSS Allstar, if you look through his portfolio. Rich Brown is blogging too and you will also find some crazy stuff there.

I know, there are many links within this blog post, but there are all worth it. You should take a look at some of them. And to be honest, I could go on like this until…. siteinspire, madebysawdust, artpower, kmprssn, thinkingforaliving, timothylong, thevalueofcriticism, … (I love the web!)

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Getting Lost