Jamie T acoustic

Finally after cancelling the shows in last year’s October, Jamie T came to Germany to play some concerts. I went to the concert in Hamburg and it was really really good. A great party with an amazing sound. But Kai, Mr. Stylespion, took the bun.

Kai was asked to make an interview with Jamie T. He had a great idea, instead of just asking a few questions and taking notes, he asked his readers to come up with some interesting things. Then he wrote these questions onto some cards and gave them to Jamie. He answered them and Kai was able to shoot some pictures, like the ones you see above and right below.

Not enough, Jamie also played some songs at the German radio station einslive. You can see the results of the interview and Kai’s (once again) brilliant pictures in his blog post and on flickr. And like I commented on his post, it really makes me even more excited about his project “Sonic Iceland“. Can’t wait for it to start and see first results.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to embed the videos of the acoustic set. But you should take a look at the three songs. He played “Sticks’N’Stones“, an acoustic version of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City“, and my most favourite one “Saint Christopher“. I got goose bumps. There you can see, what kind of an incredible music genius Jamie T is. I love his dirty voice. So great.

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  • Florian

    Kais Interview hat mich auch völlig umgehauen. Die Fotos, diese kleinen Kärtchen mit Jamie Ts Handschrift… wie du sagst. Die Songs hat er fantastisch vorgetragen, aber ich hätte auch nichts anderes erwartet :D

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Jamie T acoustic