An ode to Megan Kathleen McIsaac

I like creative people. Espacially when they prove their creativity in different ways. And Megan Kathleen McIsaac is talented in many ways. She proves good taste and an eye for details in every work.

Megan is a photographer and model, based in Portland. I stumbled upon her weblog via notcot. Originally people from Germany can’t watch the video, which is postet on notcot, but via this link we can! I spend a long time looking through her stuff and was amazed by her works. Her photographs have the little something that makes you stare at one picture for minutes (the self portrait above was shot with a polaroid and a timer)

“i make photographs simply because i enjoy looking. if i am a good photographer it is because i am an observer and i have always been the observer. photography is my way of showing my perspective to others; the notion that i can show people exactly how i see life continues to amaze me. my goal is to travel to any and every country that i am able to and to photograph anything and everything that inspires me.” (quotation from her website)

But that not enough she proves really good taste when it comes to music. On the one hand she offers free mixtapes on her weblog (in the left sidebar) with interesting names like sit & listen to the rain or we’re all in this together and bands like Kings of Convenience, Bon Iver, Sigur Rós, Belle & Sebastian, Band of Horses, and and… Every playlist comes with a suggestion in what situation you should hear it and the notation to ordern the songs the right way. Lovely. And another prove is the video of her dancing to one of my most favourite songs ever. Funny.

You should follow her weblog and look at her pictures on flickr and her portfolio. She is also on twitter and sometimes she even makes funny videos (where she is also presenting some songs of herself).

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  • Malte

    Ich bin so froh, dass du diesen Fund mit uns geteilt hast, denn die MixTapes sind wirklich genial – Das eine läuft grad bei mir bereits wieder im Hintergrund und hat mir einen sehr angenehmen Start in die Woche ermöglicht. Music is damn good magic for my ears …

  • Pierro

    Funny nose and creatively too, no question. Her pictures are filled with incredible feeling . Awesome, but .. one point is always a mystery to me .. how such photographer earn their money. Damn, thats a really hard metier, so i would like sometimes dancing, just as relaxed like this ..

  • Markus Reuter

    @Malte: Na klar muss ich sowas teilen, so ein Schatz darf nicht verborgen bleiben! :-)

    @Jeriko: Jepp, das war ich! Wir hatten das ja schon mal, dass ich über was geschrieben habe und du erwähntest das schon Monate vorher.

    @Pierro: You sure get what I meant about her photos. I don’t know how these artistic photographers earn their money but as long as they keep on shooting I am happy. And maybe there are two sides, one occupation to earn the money and one to fulfil your dreams. I think it’s only the fortune of a few who can bring these two together.

  • megan kathleen

    markus, thank you again for being interested in posting this blog about me, it means so much! i cant believe you dug up that old polaroid of me, that was made when i was around the age of 13! haha. and that video of me dancing to phoenix, oof! hhahaha/ anyway, thank you again, youre a sweetheart.

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An ode to Megan Kathleen McIsaac