The Kleptones “Uptime/Downtime”

I know, I know almost everybody of you heard already about the newest mashup shit of The Kleptones. It is called “Uptime/Downtime” and is seperated into two parts. The first one is the relaxing chillout part (Downtime) and the other part is the rocking party mix (Uptime).

I am listening to both mixes since the first day I read about it at Stylespion and I can’t stop. It’s running in a never ending loop. Up to my mood I listen to the Downtime-Mix or the Uptime-Mix. For me this is by now the best album of the year. And I have to write about it here to make sure you don’t miss it.

And now The Kleptones come up with another great idea. They are asking you, us, everybody to contribute making videos to each track of Uptime/Downtime.

“So… ultra-pleased to announce the Videotones project, the mission being to create a video for each of the tracks on “Uptime/Downtime“. We’re lining up a diverse array of visual talent, each of whom will be interpreting a track or two in their own inimitable styles. (…)
More videos will be appearing over the next few months! We’re also on the lookout for more contributors, so if you’d like to participate, please get in touch and let us know – it would be great to have you on board!”

In my opinion the project Videotones is great and I can’t wait to see the next videos. Here you can see the first amazing contribution of Instamatic:

I thought about embedding the two mixes here, but it’s better you go to the website and download them and listen to them in the right moment. Enjoy it!

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  • Florian

    Gigantisch! “Uptime/Downtime” läuft auch bei mir schon seit Wochen durch. Ich kann mir keine besseren Remixe und Mashups vorstellen! Gibt es etwas mitreißenderes als “Voodoo Sabotage”?

    Als Party-Reihenfolge würde ich vorschlagen, “Uptime” so gegen zwölf oder eins zu spielen und “Downtime” dann so gegen Morgen, um wieder runterzukommen. Da rockt jede Bude!

    Auch die Idee mit den Videos war klasse, das da oben passt jedenfalls perfekt zum Song.

  • Markus Reuter

    @Florian: Muss dir zustimmen und kann das Video zu Voodoo Sabotage auch nicht abwarten!

    @tim: Awesome, that you comment here. Thank you. Of course, I like your video, it’s incredicbly good.

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The Kleptones “Uptime/Downtime”