Broken Bells – High Road Video 2

I know, I am acting like a little groupie, who publishes everything of Broken Bells. BUT I don’t care. I am wondering that I can still listen to the song, although I heard it over a (felt) 1,000 times in the last weeks. I think this is a pro argument for a band.
I heard the whole album and I must admit I love it. I am truley in love with a piece of music. You can laugh and you can say I am crazy, I don’t care. Thank you, James Mercer and Brian Burton.

And now watch the new video to High Road. At first I thought it is a live recording but it’s not. But the song also some how different than the first version, I like this one. I found it at Pitchfork. With the infos: “A bare-bones, in-studio clip from Danger Mouse and the Shins’ James Mercer. Director: Matt Amato.”

On their website you can take a look at some snippets of other songs with some visual impressions.

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Broken Bells – High Road Video 2