Kitchen Guerilla – the review

Like I reported a few days ago, I was planning to go to the kitchen guerilla event on thursday night. And I must say, it rocked. Maybe some of you have seen the movie Soul Kitchen – it was like this. We had food, wine, music, fun, and all this was shared with passion.

The event took place in a stunning storehouse of Freiraumart in St. Pauli, Hamburg. I fell in love with the location within 5 seconds. Very rustic-style. It is usually the storehouse for bathtubs, kitchen worktops, or floors. Since I saw the storehouse I don’t want to live anywhere else.

The evening started with some fresh baked bread from the bakery Gaues in Hannover. We had fresh “Ochsenbrot”, which was topped with chicken-liver and an apple-lavender-honey mixture.
Then we had fresh organic scallops in a decotion of rosé, balsamic vinegar, lavender honey and butter with salad from the buffet. For vegetarians some vegetables en brochette were conjured. Definately a highlight were the guerilla köfte of my former room mate Onur, turkish meatballs with cinemon, herbs and some secret ingedients. All this was decorated with some french kiss, a yogurth-mint-mixture.

Of course, we did not die of thurst. Three viniculturists from France presented their wines. I stuck to a red wine, a Clos des Boutes from nothern France. But I tried most of the wines and they were all great – white, red and rosé.

The dinner was rounded with some coffee delicacies from the baristas of black delight. An espresso helped us to get through the night with interesting talks and some glasses of wine and great music. For example I met Patrick from Fritz-Kola and Björn from lokalgold and we had some interesting conversations.

All in all it was a perfect night. But the best was that I was able to help Olaf, Koral and Onur with my kitchen skills. You should keep on eye on them, it could be possible that they soon will pirate a kitchen in your city as well.

All I want to say is Thank You for the amazing night! At the facebook profile you can see some more pictures and other comments on the night.

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  • Basti

    I love the stil of your pictures, but the location is more than awesome. This things on the sides, which look likes big cups are chairs?

  • Onur

    Markus was the best kitchen aid ever seen! ;-) We worked in the kitchen and drunk wine together all the night until we get….! Thanx for all and until the next kitchen guerilla ;-))

  • Björn

    Hallo Markus, herzlichen Dank für den interessanten Austausch. Freue mich schon auf das nächste Treffen oder bei der kritischen Durchsicht von ;o) Viele Grüße, Björn

  • Florian

    Hast du die Bilder selber gemacht? Die sehen klasse aus, vor allem das vierte ist wirklich genial.

    Es sieht so aus, als ob es euch geschmeckt hätte :D

  • Matt

    Well, I would like to see more photos from this great event, but kitchen guerilla’s facebook gallery is closed for guest :( but there is no doubt – the idea is brilliant :) I think something similiar could happen in city that I live :) maybe I shoud set up it

  • Markus Reuter

    @iGNANT: Kann gut sein, dass die Herren bald auch mal in Berlin aufschlagen und dort etwas karpern. Ich werde rechtzeitig Bescheid geben!

  • geri

    After I found your blog (and beautiful photos), I decided to go to one of their events with some friends in Munich in March. I’ve written about it, too.

    Thanks for sharing your experience – my experience was really magical!

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Kitchen Guerilla – the review