Matt Pyke and Universal Everything

Last friday I went to the Creative Summit NRW of the ADC Germany. The topic was “how creativity can be used in companies.” I wasn’t sure if the event was the right place for me. But my doubts died with the talks of Alexander Osterwalder and Andy Chiu. And after a little lunch break Matt Pkye came on stage, he gave an incredible talk.

Matt Pyke is a creative genius from Sheffield, UK. His prefession is designer, but he is much more. He is a painter, photographer, artist, curator, animator, director, producer and lecturer. Last friday he presented some of his amamzing works and talked about the way he works. Matt Pyke is the founder of Universal Everything.

“Working with everything from pencils to generative design, Universal Everything is a diverse studio at the crossover between design and art. With commissions ranging from packaging to stadium events, for clients from Apple, Audi and Nokia to the London 2012 Olympics. Our works have shown in galleries from the Victoria & Albert Museum – London, The Museum of Modern Art – New York to Colette – Paris.”

“Universal Everything was formed in 2004 as an ever-growing collective of designers, programmers, musicians and artists.” Matt Pyke has a creative network of more than 26 people from around the world, from New York over Berlin to a small city in Russia. But the crazy thing is that Matt Pyke runs the whole studio from his little garden shed in the backyard of his house in Sheffield. In his shed is a bookshelf, a desk and his computer. During his talk he said, that he enjoys walking the five minutes from his house to the shed every morning.

The british newspaper The Guardian listed Matt Pyke as one of the Top 50 designers. “We like working in unusual new formats – it might be the video wall in the Nokia store, video ringtones, a gallery wall, a pavement or whatever.” That’s what Matt Pyke tells Garrick Webster in an interview for Computer Arts.
Before Matt moved to his garden shed he worked in the attic. You can see a portrait by Apple here:

I was am really impressed by the way Matt Pykes works. He has a creative network with many different talents. I like it how the projector puts it into words:

“Matt operates out of his garden shed in Sheffield yet manages to snare clients such as Nokia, Adidas and London’s 2012 Olympics. This is due to his ever expanding network of modular team of designers, programmers, animators and musicians. This allows Matt to offer a large array of solutions for his clients. This allows him to think freely as a designer, allowing him a limited amount of boundaries. Limited boundaries in terms of creativity certainly and also in attracting clients, allowing him to morph to fit their needs, whatever sector they operate in. In addition the client is amazed a startling amount of possibility and scope for their brand.”

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  • Tobi

    Ich kann deine “Begeisterung” nachvollziehen und teilen. Das hat was.. und vor allem die Tatsache, dass die “Schaltzentrale” von Universal Everything eine Gartenlaube ist. Danke für den tollen Blogpost. Hat Spaß gemacht zu lesen und die Videos anzuschauen.

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Matt Pyke and Universal Everything