Neistat Brothers

The brothers Van and Casey Neistat make some serious crazy shit. The brothers are film makers. They make short films, funny films and interesting films. Via a tweet of the german newspaper der Freitag I was guided to the article in the Guardian. And then I watched through their video selection. I am impressed.

“Casey was born in 1981, Van in 1975. They grew up in Gales Ferry Connecticut and went to Ledyard High school. In 1999 the imac DV came out. This was the first computer that allowed consumers to edit video. Casey and Van both got a video camera and imac and figured out how to make movies. Neither of the brothers went to film school or anything like that. They both live in NYC.” (via their website)

Their videos have a special sense of humor, which I really like. But they also make it that they put some information into the videos as well. Let’s take their newest video about chat roulette. I can’t say a lot about this freaky web tool and I really don’t want to try it after I saw the video.

You should read the article of the New York Magazine. It is stunning. Soon these two guys will have their own TV show on HBO and you can follow the life of the Neistat Brothers on TV.

Another funny video but also informative video:

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    Die Beiden haben es echt verdammt drauf! Das Chatroulette Video ist echt großartig gemacht. Chatrulette ist als Partytool mit Freunden übrigens äußerst zu empfehlen!!

  • Florian

    Ich plane auch, Chatroulette einmal im angetrunkenen Zustand ausgiebig zu testen. Partytool trifft es also ganz gut :D

    Die Videos sind wirklich großartig gemacht, wie du schon sagst, toller Humor, das Stop-Motion-Gekrakel passt wunderbar dazu.

  • jo

    Hahaa! Großartige Filme.
    Ich glaube Chatroulette wird am Freitag mal auf dem 30. eines Kumpels ausprobiert. Da ist er dann auch angemessen gekleided, nach der Rathausmarktaction.

    jo von um die Ecke

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Neistat Brothers