Nervous Nellie

Well, you could think that I would get thousands of promotion mails and questions if I could write about this and that BUT that is definetly not the case. Maybe there is one mail in my inbox per week and mostly these things are not the kinds of things I would write about.

BUT this time it’s different. I got an email from a promotion agency and I read the whole thing (usually I stop reading after the second sentence). BUT they totally got my attention. They wrote about a swedish band I never heard of before. Although it’s their theird album, which is about to be released, 12.03.2010.

I listened to the whole album, Why Dawn Is Called Mourning, and was suprised. Nervous Nellie (MySpace) makes some really great music. I espacially fell in love with the slower song Be Asleep. It’s a like a great mixture of I’m From Barcelona, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Friska Viljor (the voice!). But also reminds of Shout Out Louds, who Nervous Nellie are supporting at their in Germany and Austria. Find the shows here.
The music is the prefect sound for spring time. Unfortunately the show in Hamburg is sold out, otherwise I would see them live. To give you an impression, take a look at the first video to the new album, Loud As Can Be (and you can download the song here):

But I found out some other interesting news in the promotion mail. There is a part in Stockholm between Mälarstrand and Hammarby, on the island Riddarholmen, called Södermalm and its alternative part SoFo, where most (or at least a big big part) of the music I love is coming from. Johnossi, Shout Out Louds, Mando Diao, Bored Man Overboard, Friska Viljor, Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John and and… It’s like Williamsburg in New York. And NOW I want to go there, take a look at SoFo, get inspired.

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  • daniela

    Ich stimme dir zu. Nervous Nellie und Södermalm muss man mögen oder gar lieben. Nervous Nellie sah ich als Vorband von Johnossi zum ersten Mal und war zunächst eher von ihrem Holzfäller-Charme als von ihrer Musik angetan. Bei zwei weiteren Konzerten konnten sie mich dann vollends überzeugen. Mir gefällt das erste Album definitiv besser als das zweite, mein Favorit ist Home Made Phone. Das Neue habe ich mir noch nicht ganz angehört.
    Und in Södermalm bin ich tagelang auf und ab gelaufen, um Herrn John Engelbert zu finden… ok, ich kehrte mit Nadine auch in das ein oder andere Geschäft und Café ein :-D

    Du hast keine Karten für Shout Out Louds und Nervous Nellie? Wie konnte das passieren?

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Nervous Nellie