I like projects where different aspects are put togehter and by this something great arises. The LXD, the Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers, is such a great project. It combines music, impressive pictures, passion and a very special way to show what someboday can do with its body.

The LXD is a dance group which combines traditional dance styles like ballet and modern styles like Hip Hop dance. And another aspect I like about is that the LXD will make a web series, directed by Jon M. Chu:

“The Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers, AKA The LXD is an upcoming web series that takes dance and storytelling to another level.”

I think it is a great way to present themselves. The LXD already presented their skills at the Oscars 2010 or at TED. I found this amazing stuff through Johannes Kleske, who presented these videos on his creative collection Inspiration Curation.

This is the presentation of Jon M. Chu and the LXD at TED, literally extraordinary:

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