Walking to work today.

I reported about Michael Surtees already. Espacially about his project link drops on his weblog design notes. But Michael has another great project. It is called #walkingtoworktoday.

“The rules are simple, 1. you must have a twitter account, and 2. you must be able to take a picture and send it to flickr via twitter (read how to do this), and most importantly 3. take a picture while walking to work once a day and add the hashtag #walkingtoworktoday At this point it’s a bit of an experiment if anyone else will want to join in… Last week I tested out the idea sans hastag, now I’m going to include #walkingtoworktoday to the photos from today on. If you’re interested, take a pick and send it to flickr via twitter. I’m kind of curious to see how this evolves.” (Michael Surtees description)

And as you know I like good projects, sharing and participating. So, I thought I could join this little project. Maybe I won’t take a picture every day but I will try to. So here is my Walking to work today.

I teamed up with Jan Oelze, he did some amazing projects so far. And since I am not able to do programming, I asked him to help me. I think he did a great job. The result is a mashup of google and flickr. The pictures with the tag “walkingtoworktoday” are pulled automatically from my flickr account and presented on the map via geotagging. And with the help of a yahoo pipe and twitterfeed new photos are also published on twitter automatically. I like it a lot.
So, all I have to do is take a picture with my iPhone (or any other camera) and upload it to flickr with the tag “walkingtoworktoday”. And since Michael Surtees weblog is also pulling every picture with the tag “walkingtoworktoday”, it will appear on his website as well. And because of the #walkingtoworktoday, my tweet is also published on his site, so people can find the link to my site, too.

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Walking to work today.