Yes! Change! You may have noticed that Better Taste Than Sorry passed through a little change. I am concentrating on creative things, more inspirational projects. Better Taste Than Sorry shall become a plattform to discuss inspirations and ideas.

There are several (and better) lifestyle blogs out there, where you can find new music or the newest achievements in architecture.
I will concentrate on thought-provoting things, on projects, ideas, videos and any kind of things that implement “outside the box”-ideas. Of course it could be a music project as well (like the 27 songs of I’m from Barcelona) or a piece of architecture. But I want to concentrate on the design aspect. Like Andrian Kreye says in his brilliant article about the “The Changing Concept of Design“, there is much more in design than the aestethical aspect and still many people don’t realize that. I want to get further and further into the “much more”, I want to carve out what good design makes good design. I want to get into the projects more deeply and display my ideas to these projects.

I hope you are also happy with the progress which is going through Better Taste Than Sorry. Because I myself am really happy with the development. This is my project for almost 19 months now (still very young) and I am overwhelmed by the progress and what it made possible. On top is the connection to people who share similar interests and get into discussion with me.
Personally I think this could get a little more. I am overhelmed if somebody writes a comment on something that I presented. But apparently there are many more people on my site than mirrored in the comments, so please tell me what you think about my progress. Give me some feedback so I can improve. I want to improve, I don’t just want to change, I want Better Taste Than Sorry to become better for you and me.

If you don’t want to answer in public please feel free to use the following contact form. Or if you want to share your opinion, good or bad, you can also use the regular comment field.

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Writing this blog has been my labour of passion. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.
THANK YOU for all the help, inspiration, ideas, suggestions, comments, and THANK YOU for reading Better Taste Than Sorry.

Kind regards, Markus (aka roitsch)

Addtion: Since two weeks I am also using Twitter in English, so if you want to get bombed by some creative links, follow me.

(the picture above is from flickr-user SomeDriftwood and under cc-license)

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  • kommanderkat

    Well, sounds like that’s your thing. I mean, I don’t know you that long now and mostly from your blog and twitter account, but you are always talking about being fascinated by extraordinary ideas and people that try to create something special designwise. So I think it’s only natural that you blog about these things. And you did already blog stuff similar to that, for example with the Kitchen Guerilla or GOOD, and I really liked the hints you gave there.

  • ~ Marc ~

    Hi Markus,

    Also ich muss sagen, das klingt alles sehr gut. Ich bin erst vor Kurzem auf deinen Blog gestoßen und die Inhalte gefallen mir sehr gut. :) Von daher, mach nur weiter so. Und ich schau mir jetzt den Beitrag zu Kitchen Guerilla an ;)


    Das klingt alles ganz toll! Was dich einfach ausmacht, ist dass du dich mit vielen Dingen tiefer befasst. Dein Blog ist wirklich lesenswert und nicht nur schön anzusehen!
    Weiter so!

  • Markus Reuter

    Dank euch allen für das positive Feedback, das motiviert natürlich. Ich werde micht auch mal darum kümmern, dass es hier etwas netter aussieht, ein paar Wünsche?

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