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Well, there are several thinks I am crazy about. Basically everything I am writing about must be that attractive to me that I have the urge to share it with you. And the d.school | Stanford Institute of Design is the perfect example.

I am writing a lot about creative things, ideas, inspirational projects and so on, but little of you know that my professional field is education. Or maybe not professional but at least it’s the subject I am studying. In my eyes education one of the best ways to make an impact. It is a great field to start changes. And I would like to work in a field where I can combine these things. I want to share knowledge, experience and passion with people. I use the term sharing and not teaching because education means that both sides – teacher (or coach or lecturer) and learner – are learning in these educational settings. And I want to combine it with my passions: design, arts, inspirations, the web…

The d.school aka “Hasso Plattner Institute of Design” is an example where an institution executes exactly the things I just mentioned. Fast Company is currently reporting about the d.school because they went through a transformation in the last years. The school wanted to create a space where their philosophy is supported by the architecture. And according to Fast Company they did a perfect job.

The manifesto of d.school:Yes, this gives me goosebumbs or brings even tears in my eyes, because I would do anything to study/work inside an institution like this.

“We have a dream about building a place for design at Stanford. We want to build a place where design thinking is the glue that binds people together, a place we call the d.school. We want the d.school to be a place for Stanford students and faculty in engineering, medicine, business, the humanities, and education to learn design thinking and work together to solve big problems in a human centered way. We want it to be a place where people from big companies, start-ups, schools, nonprofits, government, and anyone else who realizes the power of design thinking, can join our multidisciplinary teaching, prototyping, and research.” (via dschool.stanford.edu)

Ok, but what is the result? How does the d.school look like? And what are their innovative ideas? I will present some of the things below but you should really follow Fast Company to see new stuff.

Fast Company got a sneak preview, and we’ll be giving you a guided tour (along with photos, videos and critiques of the space from the students themselves) in the days ahead. We’ll go behind the scenes to show how every nook, cranny, and fungible wall system has been smartly designed to maximize collaboration.” (via fastcompany.com)

In order to give the oportunity to get ideas out of your head in order to visualize them, to collect them or to share them with others, the d.school is entirely designed with whiteboards, post-its or other things.

But the peak is a room completly covered with whiteboard paint, where you can doodle and sketch.

Another thing is the whole second floor of the d.school, which is basically one big open floor with several flexible elements, so you can easily arrange your perfect architectural or spacial learning environment yourself.

The good thing is that the Stanford University published a video where George Kembel, executive director of d.school, gives a tour through the school and also talks about their work/philosophy. I could use every extreme positive attriburte to explain what I think about it but watch it yourself:

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d.school | Stanford Institute of Design