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I often write about interesting events or congresses, which are taking place around the world. But Future Everything takes the cake. The festival has several sub events, the main aspects are art, music, the conference and the showcase. The event takes place in Manchester between 12-15 May 2010. And I would love to attend.

I will quote their self explanation:

“FutureEverything is an award winning, world class organisation  using mass participation in creativity and social innovation to bring the future into the present. It has a strong global network and international profile, and is recognised around the world for leading pioneering projects and important international debates. The organisation delivers a range of benefits, including mass engagement, awards, international networks, local advocacy, training and thought leadership, on themes including innovation, technology, art, society and the environment. It is embedded in business support networks, and is central to the innovation ecology in the UK.” (via futureeverything.org)

Of course the events around music and art are a reason to visit it themselves but the congress sounds perfect, truely perfect. The conference themes are GloNet, ImagineEverything, Unlimited Connectivity, Open Data and The City Experiment. You should take a look at all of them. What I like about the event is that it is all about imagine things. I just wrote about the powerful ability imagination, and Future Everything uses this gift to discuss about future trends, problems, chances and ideas.

“Taking all of our wildest dreams for the future and imagining what would happen if they really came true, bringing you insights into the science of the web, the future of inter-generational communication, open source design, crowdsourced activism, and the future of music.” (via futureeverything.org)

One part of it is a discussion panel about “New Creativity”. And yes, it’s awesome:

“How do we play, collaborate, and create in a way that makes a real impact on the world? This panel will take a wide-ranging view of making an impact while having fun, through the lenses of gaming, design, art, and the science of collective dynamics.” (via futureeverything.org)

Or the other discussion panel about “Doing It Together”, also amazing:

“New ways of working together are emerging and developing. Networked collaboration, the open sourcing of everything, and increasing ease of access to DIY technologies means an explosion of creativity that was never before possible is blossoming. Join our panelists who will discuss how you can get in on the action.” (via futureeverything.org)

Basically you can say that this is the perfect event if you like Better Taste Than Sorry. It mirrors all topics I am writing about.

I will definitely attend the event. Unfortunately not locally (this year) but online via twitter (@futureverything and the hashtag #futr). And I will do everything to attend Future Everything next year live in Manchster.

Once again thanks to Johannes (@jkleske) who pointed out to the event. All the pictures above are from the event’s flickr stream and ©WeAreTAPE.com

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Future Everything