As kids we had an ability that could help us a lot today. It was a powerful ability. Imagination. As kids we could imagine being indians or cowboys and we were running around, shooting with our hands – playing and acting and all the accessories or places were created in our minds, just by one strength: imagination.

I found this video of an advertisement for the Japanese Children’s Foundation. I think it fits quiet perfect here:

I miss it a lot being that playful in my head. But I think I am still playful and imaginative. There are several people around me (in my age) who lost that ability completely. That makes me sad. Being that imaginative and playful in your mind keeps you from becoming old and bitter.

Creativity depends on being imaginative. You have to have the ability to create ideas in your head. You have to imagine the things you want to create. That’s why I love hanging around with creative people.

But what makes you loose imagination? Are you doing it yourself, or the society? Is there no place for imagination in our time? In times of recession, where we have to pay our bills, make serious plans for the future?
But I think imagination is an ability that could help us a lot.

This french short film by Pierrick Servais shows the process we are all going through:

Don Tapscott gives some optimism into this whole thing. He thinks that our society, our generation is the sharpest generation ever. We are productive on the web. We are creating stuff. All this would be possible without imagination.

“Today many of the best examples of innovation, business, in education or in society or government are coming from young people, who are using the web as a powerful tool to change the model.”

You could criticize that this is a promotion video for a telecommunication company with pictures that doesn’t mirror reality. But my point is not about the visual effects or the music that puts you into this “all is good” mood. No, it’s about what Don Trepscott says. I think it’s time for some optimism and giving the next generation some hope. We should do everything to support the creativity and imagination of young people. The video is from the shaping ideas project:

The picture on top is from flickr user dotbenjamin and I found it at dragstripgirl.

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