Mercedes called…

…and we are following. To be honest Mercedes didn’t call, they send an email and invited me to the “Mercedes-Benz Brand Workshop”.

With me a few fellow bloggers are invited, for example Mr. Uarrr, who also reported that we are going to StuttgUARRRrt. Or Philipp and Christian, the two guys behind Hundertmark, Markus Truman (!) of better and green, Pieter of today and tomorrow. And I am very excited to meet Marcel of Amy and Pink and the queen of Notcot, Jean Aw.

But the come together is just a nice side effect. The focus is that Mercedes wants to present us some new aspects about transportation, sustainability, and design.

The schedule sounds really great, we get a tour through the Mercedes-Benz museum, we can hear some interesting talks, we get a very special insight into the research and design centre of Mercedes, and we can make test drives with current Mercedes-Benz  models.

And just because it fits here:

(the pictures are from flickr with cc-license, topdeluxe on front and die_tine on top)

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Mercedes called…