re:publica 2010

Last week the re:publica 2010 took place in Berlin. It was the perfect time to go to the capital and visit some friends. At first I have to thank Jeriko, who was so kind to host me for several days. The whole week was packed with a mass of inspiration, great talks, nice people, a lot of fun and new ideas.

The week started on tuesday with a meet up at a bar where I finally met Johannes Kleske and Igor Schwarzmann for real. I am in contact with Johannes for a while now and it was great to meet somebody who has simillar interests, like food, design, music, printed goods, and and… Igor is apparently the same kind of person like the two of us and it was a pleasure to meet him. Later the week I also met Peter Bihr, the third of the trio who is also called “Tick, Trick und Track” (Huey, Dewey, and Louie in English). They showed me the most delicious coffee place I have ever been to. I hope I will stay in contact with them, because they got taste and style I am enjoying.

The congress started on wednesday. The Austrian journalist Peter Glaser had an amazing speech about living (in) the web. I espacially love the quote: “All I want to be is someone that makes new things and thinks about them.” That is exactly what I am living!

During the three days I heard several other talks which were interesting and inspiring but there were three main talks I heard and which are still cruising around my head. The first one was hold by Peter Kruse with the topic “What’s next – how networks will revolutionize economy and society.” Nishant Shah reported about Digital Natives in Asia and how they are using networks and the web to change things. And Felix Schwenzel started humorously by talking about 10 reasons why you could hate the internet. But after a while he started to get serious and talked about that we have to discuss internet topics to preserve an ongoing development.

But there were several other conversations with people who were not standing infront of the crowd but had a lot of interesting stuff to say. I met Clemes of iGNANT, and we talked about our blogs, fashion and other things. It was great to meet Jerry aka Parasight, who apparently lives in my home town, like Igor, and I will meet them the next time I`ll be there. It was a great pleasure that Malte could make some time to see some talks and joined us for some beer later the day. And finally I also met Marcel, the second man behind Sonic Iceland. Of course we talked about the project but also about several other interesting things, like living in Dublin. And once again a big thank you to Jeriko, we had a great walk through the beautiful city saturday night.

So, basically it was a week full of inspirational talks. It was amazing and I can’t wait for the next time we all come together. Of course I did not mention all people who has been there but I am sure they know what I want to say, so…thank you & see you next time!

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  • Jerry

    Yeah, it was an awesome, inspiring week that has completely messed with my head… in a good way. ;)
    It was also great meeting you in person! Looking forward to hanging out in Düsseldorf. :)

  • Malte

    The first pic is Great … Wenn ich fertig bin ruf ich dich an, du musst mir mal die wichtigsten Talks nennen, die möchte ich dann nämlich gern probieren über Stream anzusehen. Fällt mir echt schwer die letzte Zeit nicht auf deine Links zu klicken, mein Freund ;-) Freu mich dich im Mai in HH zu treffen. Greeeeeetz ausm B!

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re:publica 2010