Kai Müller aka Stylespion is currently working on a project called SONIC ICELAND – a record of scarce hidden fire. Kai is meanwhile a good friend of mine although we “just” met each other through the internet. It’s always pure enjoyment to meet him and to talk to him. We share passion for different things: music, design, photography, culture, good food, good drinks… And since the first day he told me about his project, I am fascinated and can’t wait for its realization.

His idea is quiet simple but nevertheless amazing. Kai wants to combine his passion for several things within one project. He loves to travel and to meet different cultures. And as mentioned above his heart beats for music and photography. So he came up with the idea to combine these things and to go on a trip in order to capture the specific music culture in vision and words. But it’s not any country, it’s Iceland, a country with a relationship to music like no other.

“Our aim is to create a portrait of Iceland and its music – and this not as the stereotype music journalists visiting Reykjavik for a long weekend. We are enthusiastic about music, and especially about the diversity of the Icelandic music.

We are going to meet the Icelandic people to see how they live, work, play and of course how they create their music – and how the country, its current situation and the incredible landscape is connected to all of this.”

In order to fulfil this dream/this project, he teamed up with Marcel Krüger, a good friend of him and also a passionist when it comes to music and travelling.

BUT the two guys need our help right now. They are still looking for financial support to make this project reality. And I believe I know that there is a way how we can make it possible. I will quote their request here:

“We are very eager to find a hotel-partner, or someone who can provide us with an apartment with Wi-Fi in Reykjavik. We are planning to stay from the 3rd of June until the 29th of June.

And we are of course offering this partner with a corresponding advertising placement.

Please help us! You can spread the word; advise us of possible partner; or even better: tell possible partners about our project, and tell them what our trip is about, so we can make contact more easily. Quite frankly, we are running out of time.”

So, PLEASE do what you can. If you know something, anything help them by writing an email to and or just tell me and I will forward it.

It is such a great project, which needs to be realized. Kai is always supportive with his blog and now we can give something back. So, even if you don’t know a way to help them rightaway, make promotion for their project. Shout it out to the world. Talk about it. I believe that we can use this whole networking thing right now for something good. So PLEASE, help and make SONIC ICELAND come true.

All the picutres above are shot by Kai during his first trip to Iceland. Take a look at his flickr profile to see what SONIC ICELAND could look like.

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