Why I liked the last two days..

In my last blogpost I described what happened at the Mercedes-Benz Brand Workshop but I think the point why I really liked the whole event did not came out clearly. At first you can’t say that you would not like to be invited to a short trip into a luxury hotel, tasty food, and great people.

That Mercedes-Benz made this all possible, is not a bad thing in any point of view. In my opinion other companies should do it exactly the same way. Ok, maybe not exactly the same way. Why not will be discussed later in this post.

We are confronted with thousands of brands each day. It starts with the clothes you wear or the tooth paste you are brushing your teeth with. So, the idea to invite people in order to show them what the brand is like and what it wants to be is a nice idea. And Mercedes is one of the most traditional and well known German companies.

I really like the thing, that Mercedes-Benz invited us to get an insight into the web thing. Of course, it wasn’t a new thing for Mercedes, but they wanted to get in touch with it, with us, bloggers. And they did, in conversations during the dinner, while we were walking through the museum or at the hotel bar. And they didn’t do it intrusive or anything. They did it in a personal, honest way. Often I asked the staff why they are working for Mercedes, and what they like about it, like Eleftherious Hatziioannou, who is/was also involved in Supercool School. We had a nice conversation about web, career and other topics.

But still there was something missing which could be improved the “next time”. I thought workshop would also mean that we get the chance to prove why we were there. Like an open discussion about the web. Or an introduction round, where all the bloggers present themselves and tell others what they are writing about and why. There were maybe 40 bloggers and it was impossible to speak to all of them but it would have been nice to at least hear where they were from and what their blog is about.

But anyways I met a lot of interesting people. And this is the point I like at most. Not important if the person I talked to was a Mercedes empleyee or a blogger from Romania, they all had interesting stories to tell. And the exchange was amazing. People invited each other to visit their home town and something like this. So hopefully the networking thing will keep on for a longer time.

I was very happy to meet Jean Aw for the frist time. And I can tell that we keep being in contact (for example we made the reviews today together via AIM). It was a pleasure to chat with Shea Gunther and Rob Einaudi, drink Bourbon with Gerry Mak (the “hipster” on the photo above next to me) and to make jokes with David Wilfert at 5 am in Gerry’s hotel room. Seriously these guys (and girl) showed me what I am missing from the USA. This open mindedness. They were talking about collaborations, ideas, and other stuff. Awesome.

But it was not only great to meet the Americans. Also Pieter from Berlin. Marcel, Philipp and Christian from this crazy Berlin blogging network, where they hang out, eat weird stuff and play Super Mario Land. The fashion bloggers Play Hunter from Zurich and Anna Daniela from the “fashion metropolis” Bochum. And of course it is always a delight to hang out with UARRR. I am looking forward to see most of you next week at the re:publica.

Thank you all for 24 hours of inspiration, great talks, booze and fun!

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  • jean/NOTCOT

    I totally agree ~ Mercedes-Benz did a really impressive job facilitating quality conversations between some unlikely people ~ and in so many languages! It was really fun to learn so much about the brand and get a peek inside their world ~ while also learning from each other ~ good times! Also driving the cars was way too fun, i needed more time! And same with the museum… had i known we’d skim it so fast, i would have gone in my free time! We never even got to see the museum shop! and i could have played with that powerwall table interface for ages… and if only we had more than one night to do late night pizza parties… we never even made it to the pool!

  • Eleftherios Hatziioannou

    Danke fuers “Erwaehnen”… Wir freuen uns,dass der Workshop grundsaetzlich gefallen hat! Und die Anregungen nehmen wir gerne auf… Der Austausch sollte unbedigt fortgesetzt werden…Schoenes WE, EH –> Lefti

  • Eleftherios Hatziioannou

    l could have written in English straight away :) Thank u for mentioning. We are glad to hear that u enjoyed the event as much as we did. And thank u also for your feedback! The conversation must go on… I love this part of my job: Connecting with great people and sharing inspiration and ideas! Have a good one!

  • Car window tinting

    We need more companies like MB being more involved in the community. I do think they lost an excellent opportunity to some way incorporate the bloggers into their brand.

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Why I liked the last two days..