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Change Connections is a collaboration between The Feast and Nokia. You know Nokia, the telecommunication company from Finland. And The Feast is famous for their events, taking place in the USA.

“The Feast is a cross-disciplinary series of programs addressing social innovation and new ways to make the world a better place. Our secret sauce lies in a healthy combination of passion, creativity, and entrepreneurship to shift the way things are done – thereby changing individuals, industries, and ultimately the world.”

And in order to get the things going they came together with Nokia and created a plattform where people can suggest ideas. Okay, a telecommunication company wants to help to change the world, we heard that before: e.g. Shaping Ideas by Ericsson (I reported here). And there are several platforms initiated by companies trying to get the masses to gather in ideas in order to change something, so what is the difference to other platforms?

[Change Connections] is a space for your ideas. To collectively exchange, connect and collaborate for social good and to foster new thinking on groundbreaking social innovation.
Change Connections is part of a wider initiative to support Nokia’s potential to offer empowering solutions through new connections — between people, places, information and ideas — that improve the quality of lives, globally.”

In my opinion The Feast is a great base to start with. They have the experience to work with people and not just with experts. And I like the combination of the three parts. There are experts on the one side (like Christopher Fabian, Innovation Specialist from UNICEF or Clay Shirky, famous professor at the NYU who had a great TEDtalk about how social media can make history). And on the other side there is the collaborative platform. And this platform is very sophisticated. You can contribute ideas, vote for ideas, and connect ideas with other ideas in order to create a “social good mix tapes”. And the third part consists of events taking place around the world, with a diverse array of experts, practitioners, actors and makers. So at these events both parts experts and contributers clash.
But it’s not only a collaboration between Nokia, The Feast, experts and you and me, there is also a gigantic network of social projects, companies and initiatives. All in all, Change Connections is a stunning project.

Like most of the time when it comes to new creative projects, Johannes Kleske pointed out to Change Connections on twitter.


Change Connections just launched a long list of innovations (apps, projects, initiatives) that shall inspire you: Case Studies.

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Change Connections