Form follows function

A little while ago I reported that better taste than sorry went through some changes. My focus will be on design, ideas, inspiration and my personal opinion to these things. The American architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase 1896 and now I needed to obey: form follows function. How could I run a weblog about design without having a layout that expresses design?

With the help of some creative minds I was finally able to realize what I had in mind for a long time. But unfortunately I was not able to redesign the blog all by myself. A special big Thank You to Jan Oelze. He was the one who did all the coding. After walkingtoworktoday it was the second project I realized with him. And I must say that it is great to work with him. It is purely awesome to have someone sitting right next to you, who can bring the stuff on to the screen which you have in mind. But there were several other people who helped me out with their opinions and advices. So, thank you Malte, Martin, Marcel and Ben. And of course I need to thank the Information Architects for creating this beautiful wordpress template. I used it sas an frame to adjust everything as I want it to be.

Within my blog there are several new features. For example the network page. There you can see who incfluenes me, who is in continous exchange with me and basically who gives me input for better taste than sorry. Of course the list is not done, several people/websites will be added during next week(s). My network is growing almost every day, but I want to present it to you, in order to make it possible to join and get in contact with these people yourself.

Another new feature is the More Of Me page. Here you can easily get an overview what I am doing. Through my twitter stream you can get a lot of links to similar topics like the ones on better taste than sorry but also several other things.

I really hope you like what you see and tell me if there is something that needs to be fixed or something that could be improved. Like I said in the blogpost about my latest changes: I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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Form follows function