MAUD is a design studio from Sydney, Australia. And I really like their identity and their works. On the one hand is their presentation on the web. The website is very clean and functional. Some people might criticize that it is flash but I don’t care as long as the result is great. All the backgrounds are scalable and I espacially like the simple but creative way of displaying their whereabout.

You notice that they also care about usablity when you move your mouse over the sidebar in order to read the infos the background fades down. All in all the performance is pretty nice.

MAUD has much more to offer, but before I talk about their works I go on presenting MAUD more precisely. Indoors is something like their weblog. They give an insight into their agency and present some other interesting projects. There you can also find more information about their identity. One example is their office. An open space with a sleek appearance. And based in the middle of Sydney.

The other example are their business cards. Also clean and reduced. Just some radiused cards, which look recycled and with black prints on top. I am a supporter of clean and reduced design. It makes you focus on important things. And in my opinion the reduced and clean layouts are not a fad, it is just intelligent to design things usable.

But their works are also very demonstrative. As an example I would like to use their own project Three Over One. MAUD teamed up with fashion designer Jim Thompson to design a collection influenced by British working man’s wardrobe from the 1930’s and 40’s and vintage American sportswear (more here). The CI is pretty similar to MAUD. The cataloge looks like a newspaper with classy black-white photos and a classy typography.

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