#walkingtoworktoday – first résumé

Exactly 45 days ago I started my project #walkingtoworktoday and I want to make a first résumé. Since then I shot 33 photos. Every photo was shot with my iPhone and most of the time I used the great photo app Hipstamatic. And I must say starting this project was one of my best decisions this year, so far. At first I was not sure if I started something which would fizzle out after a few days. But the more I hunted for the picture of the day, the more I was happy starting it after all.

Every morning we are hustling through the city with our headphones on, rushing through the streets in order to get to work on time to start staring at our computer screens for the rest of the day and wishing for the next vacation in Spain or even on the Maldives but we never think of the beauty and exoticism in our daily environment. Like the picture above says “we fail to recognize beauty in our own street”. And that is exactly what the project helped me to do. I see things I would have never noticed before, although I am a person who has eyes for everything.

But keeping the eyes open for something funny, extravagant, weird or just beautiful is different. The photo must be worth sharing it with other people. So I started concentrating, and scanning the environment.

I have to thank Michael Surtees for initiating all this and who inspired me to start my own #walkingtoworktoday experience.

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#walkingtoworktoday – first résumé